Sunday, January 24, 2010

Article about getting web traffic trough SEO

While I was searching for some useful information about search engine optimization this morning I have stumbled on this article. I think it is very useful and informative so I want to share it with visitors of my blog.
Author of this article is Paul Richard Doyle.
Read article belowe.

Web traffic through Search engine optimization

Search engine Optimization is one of the finest ways to generate targeted Web traffic. The ultimate goal of Search Engine optimization is to get a web site to the first few pages of Search engines which generate a lot of search engine web traffic.

A lot of ways exist to achieve search engine optimization to get web traffic. The first thing among them that bothers the most is the use of keywords appropriately on the site.

So, search engine optimization starts right from the website design. Using the highest priority keywords is the key tool in search engine optimization.

Google, in the past, considered keyword density as the tool for search engine optimization. Keyword density simply means placing the main keyword many number of times the content of the site for web traffic. This proved good for a period of time to provide good web traffic. The only disadvantage here is that, repeating the same keyword many times brings in duplicate content to the site and duplicate content is never good.

So, Google has made changes in this law. What Google defines as quality now is that content that not only contains the main keyword but also contains a few other related keywords that Google finds basing on an algorithm and awards traffic this way. Google named this as LSI relevancy.

Google has put in its generous effort to define the highest priority related keywords for any content of the site. The effort resulted Google Ad word tool. What we do here is, very simple. We just type in the main keyword for which we are targeting web traffic into the input box and a list comes up with all the related keywords. As you can imagine, this has made it easy to find the related keywords. The next step is to include maximum number of the related keyword in the content of the web site. It’s as simple as that.

Most of the people use this way. Another way exists, but many ignore this. In the other way, we make a search of our main keyword in Google. We then find out the website ranked highest by Google for our keyword. We can then find out the keywords used in the highest ranked website. To do this, another part of Google Ad words tool is to be used. This appears as “Instead of descriptive words or phrases you do it by web content”. This is pretty easy. We just need to type in the URL we got from the first website in the search engine results and in a few seconds a list appears with all the related contents. These are the related keyword that we need. The next steps are similar. We just use these related keywords in the site content. This makes the site search engine optimized in the eyes of Google. Hence our objective is accomplished.

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